brexit boxThere are genuine concerns that the UK could face shortages of food, medicines, and other essential materials as lorries are unable to cross from mainland Europe to the UK. So you can buy the Brexit box. It costs around 300 £ where are 60 servings of main meals, a water filter, and a fire-starter. “It contains a range of ‘Fuel Your Preparation’ freeze-dried food range of delicious meals and a water filter to kick start your Brexit stockpiling [sic]. Made by the makers of Mountain House [freeze-dried food for camping] and with a lifespan of up to 25 years – this really is the best you can get when being prepared for Brexit.”

The content of Brexit box:

  • Tins

Macaroni Cheese - 1 Tin (10 Servings)

Pasta Bolognaise - 1 Tin (8 Servings)

Chicken Tikka - 1 Tin (8 Servings)

Chicken Fajita - 1 Tin (8 Servings)

Beef And Potato Stew - 1 Tin (6 Servings) 

Sweet And Sour Chicken - 1 Tin (8 Servings)

Diced Chicken - 1 tin (24 portions)

Minced Beef - 1 tin (24 portions)

  • Packets

Pasta Bolognaise - 1  (1 Serving)

Chicken Tikka - 1  (1 Serving)

Chicken Fajita - 1  (1 Serving)

Beef And Potato Stew - 1  (1 Serving) 

Sweet And Sour Chicken - 1  (1 Serving)

Salmon Broccoli Pasta - 1  (1 Serving)

Vegetable Tikka - 1  (1 Serving)

Chilli Con Carne - 1  (1 Serving)

Vegetable Chipotle Chilli - 1  (1 Serving)

Chicken Fried Rice - 1  (1 Serving)

Macaroni Cheese - 1  (1 Serving)

Vegetable Fried Rice - 1  (1 Serving)

  • Water Filter

Aquamira Green Line water basics Bottle Filter

  • Fire Starter

200ml Fire Dragon Gel

Does not that sound like an absurd?

author: J. Badde


1. https://inews.co.uk/news/brexit/brexit-box-stockpiling-no-deal/, 19.01.2019.


0 #2 beef food items 2019-10-02 12:59
Continue to feed up to 4 instances per day.
0 #1 Anitra 2019-09-10 13:02
Look for beef that is firm to the touch.

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