December 11, 2017 150

Ho ho hold back … why you should go easy on the festive cheer this year

in UK by Jack Ridley
Christmas without a drink is a more or less unthinkable, but excess is a real danger. So how much alcohol is safe? And can it ever be good for you? Read more
December 11, 2017 93

Harassment survey: 'I'm a waitress but I feel like a sex worker'

in UK by Jack Ridley
Nilufer Guler is a waitress, but says she feels more like a sex worker at times. Read more
Dec 09, 2017 79

EU to sue Poland, Hungary and Czechs for refusing refugee quotas

in UK by Jack Ridley
The European Commission is to sue Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic at the European…
Dec 09, 2017 125

'Holy grail' of avocados now on sale in UK - but they're apparently in short supply

in UK by Jack Ridley
The stoneless snack could help relieve A&E wards enduring a rise in the number of knife…
Dec 09, 2017 111

UK will have say on May's Brexit deal at next election, says Michael Gove

in UK by Jack Ridley
The Environment Secretary suggests if the Brussels deal leads to a soft Brexit, voters…
Dec 08, 2017 50

Airbnb, Uber, eBay: in this intangible world workers must adapt to survive

in World by Jack Ridley
As descriptions of capitalism go, it’s surely one of the best ever written: poetic,…

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Tired of being stuck in traffic?

Do you want safer driving experience?

Be like John, Peter, Angela and many other safe drivers and sign the petition!

You can also get a sticker to start improvement now!  


Goal: Improve safety and quality of our road network and reduce congestion

1. Starting in driving schools by ensuring there is more attention on teaching safe driving on motorways and dual carriage ways. We think that driving on these types of roads requires techniques that are not well emphasised by current training methods.

Improvement could be achieved if new drivers would be taught of correct speed selection, acceleration and keeping left when not overtaking.

2. Improving existing roads by installing more signs to remind drivers of simple rules such as:

-Keep left when not overtaking (middle lane hogging)

-Keep your distance

We believe that these steps could significantly improve driving experience in the UK and could lead to better utilisation of the roads.

Please sign our petition if being able to drive safely and effectively is important for you.

Thank you for your attention



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