escapeA tragic fire in the escape room occurred on January 4 at 17. Five 15-year-old girls were killed - poisoned with carbon monoxide.

According to the preliminary findings of the prosecutor's office, the cause of the fire in the room next to the one in which the girls stayed was the gas escaping from the gas cylinder (cylinders fed the stove in the building with fuel). The fire did not let a 25-year-old employee to get to the room with the teenagers. The man did not open the door of the escape room. The girls themselves could do it only after solving the last task of the game. There were no escape routes in the building.

Escape room - did you ever think about your safety playing this game?

J. Badde


1. https://fakty.interia.pl/polska/news-rozpoczely-sie-uroczystosci-pogrzebowe-pieciu-ofiar-pozaru-w,nId,2775975, 10.01.2018.

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