Muslim population in some EU countries could triple, says report

Figures suggest stark east-west divide, with UK population share rising from 6.3% to 16.7% in one scenario

Japanese rail company apologises after train leaves 20 seconds early

Operator ‘deeply’ sorry for inconvenience to passengers after the 9.44.40am Tsukuba Express pulled away at 9.44.20am

Why we should be wary of ending net neutrality

Rolling back net neutrality laws is just part of Trump’s giant experiment in media deregulation with little protection for the consumer

This weekend’s march in Poland proves the far right isn’t going away without a fight - Opinion by Paul Mason

Emmanuel Macron’s victory convinced centrists that fascism had been turned back, but the 60,000 demonstrating in Warsaw shows how wrong they were

Europe needs a leader. Who will step up if Merkel goes?

Suddenly Brexit matters, a lot. Until recently I had regarded it as one of those crises that we muddle through somehow, like the bank collapse or the winter of discontent. Time is the great compromiser. Project fear would turn out to be project not-quite-as-bad-as-we-thought.

Explained: The Rohingya refugee crisis

'A textbook example of ethnic cleansing'

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