"Not our President"

Thousands of protesters took it to the streets across America for demonstrations against Donald Trump. Chanting “Not my president” and carrying signs stating: “No democracy, no peace” “Supporting Trump is supporting hate!” expressed their anger, disappointment and frustration at the Trump victory.

The United States presidential election of 2016 was the 58th American presidential election. The Republican Party nominee, businessman Donald Trump defeated the Democratic Party nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

What was the campaign like?

There are a lot of opinions that the campaign was very personal, non-essential and very emotional. Some believe that it was the worst and the most brutal campaign in the history of United States.

Donald Trump 45th President of the USA!!!

Donald Trump 45th President of the USA!!!

After very negative campaign, voters in America finally decided and chose Donald Trump as their next President. Not many belived this would happen, but not many belived in Brexit either. A rise in number of people against globalisation and establishment is clearly growing not only in Europe.

Let's focus however on new President Elect. We all heard Donald's Trump ideas/policies about building a wall on the border with Mexico or not allowing Muslims into US. He also said that he would reduce American involvement in NATO and "flirted" with President Vladimir Putin. In his speech after election he said that he will be President of all Americans and that he will be fair towards international partners.

Indifference and Donald Trump

Indifference and Donald Trump.

Marcus C Blacke

You want an astronaut to rise into space; build a space worthy vessel. You want to create a far
right conservative uprising; don’t protect your vulnerable. In the midst of globalisation we have
allowed capitalism to reign down like a ticker tape parade. It’s ok to sneer and exclaim sheer
disappointment from the left, point fingers, perhaps even polarise a nation after two terms of
Democratic leadership. It’s widely accepted as the conglomerate consensus amongst the educated
and forward thinking, however there are questions. Why

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