Have Halloween costume bans in Canada gone too far?

Canadian schools are wrestling with how to guide students and parents towards Halloween costumes that aren't considered offensive or culturally insensitive.

How the Catalan crisis could send shockwaves across Europe

Mariano Rajoy has played a tough hand well, but Carles Puigdemont could yet emerge a champion of European renewal

North Korea ramps up threat to test hydrogen bomb over Pacific

Foreign minister’s suggestion about airborne nuclear test should be taken ‘literally’, says diplomat

Catalonia crisis escalates as Spain set to impose direct rule within days

Spanish prime minister says Catalan government’s powers will be returned to Madrid, as tensions rise between supporters and opponents of independence

‘Grandma is dead’: five tips for talking to children about death

A study suggests watching Disney and Pixar films can help start conversations about mortality with young people, who tend to grieve differently to adults

'I asked if I could kiss her' - one man responds to #MeToo

A writer in India has responded to the #MeToo movement with an admission of his own impropriety towards a woman.

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