'I asked if I could kiss her' - one man responds to #MeToo

A writer in India has responded to the #MeToo movement with an admission of his own impropriety towards a woman.

A perennial American question: why has gun control failed?

From one angle, the answer is complicated; from another, it’s devastatingly simple. Tom McCarthy on the key features of the American gun control debate

Trump challenges Tillerson to 'compare IQ tests' after reported 'moron' dig

Trump suggests IQ battle with Tillerson: ‘I can tell you who is going to win’
President also claims of unprecedented legislative success in first nine months

Las Vegas gunman's girlfriend returns to US as police reveal details of massacre planning

Marilou Danley was in Philippines at time of shooting
Stephen Paddock placed cameras inside and outside his hotel room

Trump risks putting US 'on path to world war three', says Bob Corker

President would concern ‘anyone who cares about our nation’, says Republican senator, as public spat between former allies continues

How Trump turned against gun control

When attempting to interpret Donald Trump's statements on firearm regulation, and how they could shape a presidential policy response to the Las Vegas mass shooting, the key is to note when he said them.

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