China to shut down North Korean companies

China has told North Korean companies operating in its territory to close down as it implements United Nations sanctions against the reclusive state

The World’s Greatest Fears

What are the greatest fears by country? People are concerned about very different things.

Russia warns of 'catastrophic consequences' if conflict erupts on Korean peninsula

As tensions escalate further, Russia and China are warning there will be "no winners" if war breaks out on the Korean peninsula.

Russian 'Zapad-2017' drill – what does Moscow want?

The large "Zapad-2017" war games will pit the troops of Russia and Belarus against terrorist infiltrators from three "hypothetical" Eastern European countries.

10 university flashpoints over free speech

Free speech - too much of it or too little of it - has become one of the thorniest and most emotive subjects for universities.

White Privilege Doesn't Exist, Insists Ian Collins

Ian Collins criticised the black model who criticised white privilege, saying her comments were "crass and inflammatory".

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