Did North Korea just test a hydrogen bomb?

Scepticism met North Korea’s claims that last January’s test involved an H-bomb. The latest one leaves less room for doubt

African and European leaders agree action plan on migration crisis

Leaders of seven nations seek to combat people-smugglers turning Mediterranean into ‘cemetery’

North Korea threat: What does Kim Jong Un really want?

For all his threats, the North Korean leader doesn't want war - and now is the time to call his bluff, writes Sam Kiley.

Merkel: no regrets over refugee policy despite political cost

With elections approaching, Merkel insists she was right to open the country’s borders to hundreds of thousands of refugees

North Korea fires missile over Japan in 'unprecedented threat'

North Korea has fired a missile over northern Japan in a move Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called an "unprecedented" threat to his country.

Eastern Europe: The Last Barrier between Christianity and Islam

Article by Giulio Meotti

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is the Eastern nemesis of the European elite. No one else in Europe except him speaks about defending "Christianity."

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