Japanese rail company apologises after train leaves 20 seconds early

Operator ‘deeply’ sorry for inconvenience to passengers after the 9.44.40am Tsukuba Express pulled away at 9.44.20am

Astronomers discover a giant world – but is it a planet?

A recently-discovered giant world lies right on the boundary between being a star and a planet – and that could answer some big questions

This weekend’s march in Poland proves the far right isn’t going away without a fight - Opinion by Paul Mason

Emmanuel Macron’s victory convinced centrists that fascism had been turned back, but the 60,000 demonstrating in Warsaw shows how wrong they were

Why aren't the streets full of protest about the Paradise Papers?

Opinion by Micah White
In striking contrast to the bombshell release of the Panama Papers, the response this time has been muted. But that’s not reason for despair

Explained: The Rohingya refugee crisis

'A textbook example of ethnic cleansing'

Why have we built a paradise for offshore billionaires?

Opinion by Thomas Frank

We endure potholes and live in fear of collapsing highway bridges because our leaders wanted these very special people to have an even larger second yacht

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